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MTTG Joint Venture

The MTTG Joint Venture brought together four firms – McKissack & McKissack, Turner Construction, Tompkins Builders, and Gilford Corporation – as the architect and builder for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on a site along the Tidal Basin in the Nation’s Capital. Completed in August 2011, the Memorial site uses natural elements – stone, water, and trees – to underscore the themes of democracy, justice, hope, and love.

Project Overview

The MTTG Joint Venture, specifically Turner Construction Company, chose Dynamic Concepts Inc. (DCI) to install, document, and test a complex security system throughout the four-acre site. The project created the unique challenge of assuring protection for this historic national treasure, but doing so unobtrusively so as not to detract from the solemn dignity of the Memorial or interfere with the contemplations of millions of visitors for decades to come.

DCI Products & Services Used

DCI was responsible for installing, documenting, and testing all of the security system infrastructure, comprised of intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, duress alarms, a CCTV video management system, video surveillance and assessment, digital video recording, an intercommunications system, equipment cabinetry, and an uninterruptible power supplies interface.

To carry out the project, DCI worked cooperatively with 21 other contractors and subcontractors on a fast-track construction schedule. Specifically, DCI coordinated the locations and installation of security equipment with other subcontractors, and provided and installed:

  • All security hardware and pole-mounted security equipment,
  • All security cabling runs in conduit installed by the electrical subcontractor,
  • Fiber optic cable as required for specific equipment.

DCI also provided security-system training and operation manuals to the National Park Service, the agency responsible for permanent Memorial staffing and operations.