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Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the independent federal government agency that manages and delivers Social Security, disability, and survivors benefits and determines eligibility and processes premium payments for the federal Medicare program. SSA’s 66,000 employees work to assure timely and accurate benefits and services for more than 56 million Americans.

Project Overview

ssa.jpgDynamic Concepts, Inc. (DCI) provides cabling services encompassing the operation, maintenance, and support of SSA’s communications system at its multi-building Baltimore headquarters and more than 35 SSA office buildings between Baltimore, Washington, DC and Virginia. DCI is responsible for all cable installation, removal and support services for SSA’s Central Mainframe Computer and National Computer Center which feeds to the SSA local and wide area networks consisting of more than 50,000 work stations throughout nearly 1,300 regional and field offices nationwide.

DCI Products and Services Used

DCI plans, analyzes, integrates, installs and maintains the data network cable infrastructure to ensure on-line and operational connectivity is maintained at SSA. Services include

  • Relocating, removing and installing all IT data/communications cables (CAT 5, 6,7);
  • Installing and removing fiber and copper cables between floors and buildings;
  • Providing maintenance on all cables for all computer equipment;
  • Installing computer cable connectors;
  • Monitoring LAN equipment, peripherals and related cable plant, and the data network cable infrastructure to ensure that all cables are routed and maintained in established pathways and that on-line and operational connectivity is maintained;
  • Installing, removing, and repairing all cable trays; and
  • Installing repeaters, antennas, access points and other equipment associated with wireless communications on acoustical ceilings and building structures.

DCI is responsible for troubleshooting and repairs, verifying and labeling all cables relative to host systems, and testing all data and communications cables for continuity, integrity and compatibility.

Annually DCI installs approximately 20,000 individual cable runs, 3,000,000 feet of copper and fiber cable, 35,000 cable connectors, and 10 linear feet of cable trays and cable hangers.

Testimonials and Awards

DCI received an “Exceptional” rating in all areas of the Federal Contract Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) in 2011 and 2012.

DCI has maintained an excellent safety record with no insurance losses, accidents or man-days lost due to accidents.

Team Leaders recently conducted a site visit/walkthrough of the 3rd floor inner core for , the contractor for building the new NCC data center……….., as well as some other dignitaries, including an official from the IRS. As part of the tour, … (we) provided the visitors with a look under the raised floor . . . . The visitors were very impressed with how clean and free of dead cable the area is. Bottom line: DCI made us look good, and when we look good, SSA looks good. Again, a big thanks to you and your crew for a job very well done.


Bob Hayes
Social Security Administration
Baltimore, MD

“I just want to tell what a great job the night shift did on this Switch migration. It was over 500 cables and there was not one bad connection. All connections came up green and active at both ends. Please give those guys a pat on the back.”

Gregory Hazan, IT Specialist

Social Security Administration
Baltimore, MD