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Verizon Communications Inc. is a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services to consumer, business, government and wholesale customers. Verizon serves millions of customers through a family of operating divisions and companies, including the Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc. and Verizon Federal.

Project Overview

  • For the Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc., Dynamic Concepts, Inc. (DCI) has a long-term Single Source Provider (SSP) contract to provide utility infrastructure construction services encompassing the construction, installation, and maintenance of all aerial and underground copper, fiber, and duct facilities throughout the 69-square-mile area of the District of Columbia. This includes all installations necessary to extend FiOS service to D.C. corporate and residential customers.
  • For Verizon Federal, DCI provides voice and data network cable installation services for the federal government’s Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS). WITS serves Washington-area federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the Washington Navy Yard, and Bethesda Naval Hospital.

DCI Products and Services Used

verizon717x440.jpgThe Utility Infrastructure Construction Services Contract

Verizon Corporate Services chose DCI as its Single Source Provider (SSP) for Washington, DC for outside plant (OSP) cable installation. DCI constructs, installs, and maintains all aerial, buried, and underground copper, fiber, and duct facilities and housings (cabinets, handholds, pedestals, manholes, etc.), including copper and FiOS buried service wire. DCI provides all labor, tools, vehicles, and equipment necessary for performing these services:

  • Aerial functions include installation applicable to aerial cable, innerduct, service wire, and supporting infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Buried and underground functions include the placement and maintenance of all buried and underground facilities. DCI also provides locate marks (paint and/or flags) to identify all new facilities placed.
  • FiOS buried service wire functions involve service-order related buried service wire (BSW), flexible duct and maintenance. These functions cover all work, including trenching, required to place one or more direct buried service drops or service wires in ducts.

The Federal WITS Contract verizon706x434.jpg

DCI is a subcontractor to Verizon Federal Services under its prime contract with the U.S. General Services Administration to provide telecommunications information technology and wireless communication services for federal civilian agencies and Department of Defense units in the Washington, DC area.

DCI is required to – and does -- adhere to all of the National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NE/EP) requirements of the WITS contract, and ISO 9001 quality procedures and processes. DCI provides technical personnel in the following service areas:

  • Information Technology (IT) -- LAN/WAN, integration and cable installation; frame relay and maintenance support; multiplexes and maintenance; hubs and routers maintenance; technical support for operating systems; desktop service.
  • Telecommunications (Voice & Data) -- Installation, de-installation, and relocation activities including site preparation and installation and/or removal of cabling and wiring systems, terminal equipment, and automated data processing infrastructure support services; inspections of hardware installation, wiring, power, grounding, system database validation, and other activities to ensure quality installation of services; installation and/or maintenance of LAN/WAN equipment, wireless services and quality assurance testing of voice and data switching equipment.

DCI also installs cable drops in new and existing buildings, both single-story existing construction (Naval District of Washington) and multi-story new construction (Surface Transportation Board).

The work has included many historic buildings such as the Organization of American States headquarters with stringent preservation requirements, security constraints, and tight time schedules.