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ACS, a global leader in business process and information technology services, is part of Xerox's $22 billion global enterprise.

Project Overview

ACS chose Dynamic Concepts Inc. (DCI) as its prime contractor for the multimillion-dollar operation of providing automated processing and collection of traffic and parking ticket fines in the District of Columbia and suburban Montgomery County, MD. DCI has more than 20 years of experience in the parking meter management industry. For these contracts, DCI:

  • Processes more than 3.5 million transactions every year for DC parking, moving, and automated traffic enforcement,
  • Manages daily collections and data downloads from 16,000 DC parking meters,
  • Manages subcontractors engaged in installing, maintaining, and removing DC parking meter poles and pedestals, and
  • Processed payments of fines for parking tickets and Safe Speed violations for Montgomery County.

DCI Products and Services Used

apctptf-2.jpgFor the DC Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) parking and traffic ticketing operations, DCI provides:

  • Lockbox Processing. Timely and accurate processing of all payments received at the system lockbox, utilizing Automated Remittance Processors, capturing front and back images of payment documents and assuring same-day or next-business-day deposits.
  • Data Entry, Editing, Reporting and Citation Corrections Prior to Update. Keying all data using hardware and software provided by ACS. Opening, recording, and processing mailed payments.
  • Meter Collections. Managing daily collections and data downloads from each parking meter with three crews working scheduled and assigned collection routes.
  • Meter Installation and Maintenance. Supervising removal of old single-space meters and installation and maintenance of new solar-powered multispace meters that accept payment by credit and debit cards in addition to currency and coins.