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Project and Construction Management

DCI takes on the task of managing a project’s deadlines, subcontracting needs, test and acceptance issues and virtually any major project needing coordination and management. With DCI at the helm, customers have a single point of contact and accountability to manage infrastructure projects from beginning to end - and make sure work is completed on time and on budget.

DCI managers define and understand project requirements and timelines, manage project resources and personnel, and conduct a final review and evaluation of the completed project.  With proven expertise in engineering, design and inside/outside plant construction, DCI has total turnkey project capability.  Companies count on DCI for dependable management of communications systems installations, building changes, and project planning and execution.

  • Network Construction/Subcontractor ManagementProject and Construction Management
  • Facility Buildout, Renovation and Upgrade
  • Site Development and Building Renovations
  • Cabling Infrastructure (V&D and Security)
  • Electrical (Low Voltage)
  • Safety and Risk Management