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District of Columbia Government

The DC Government consists of more than 600 agencies providing services to the 618,000 residents of the Nation’s Capital.

Project Overview

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. (DCI) has carried out strategic communications projects for several DC Government agencies.  Examples of DCI's  projects include:

Office of the Chief Technology Officer

OCTO is responsible for all of the communications services (voice, data, wireless, and public safety) for the DC Government. The OCTO-managed system -- DC-NET – is a fiber optic telecommunications network connecting hundreds of government and semi-government buildings in the District. Because of DC’s status as the Nation’s Capital and its unique relationship with the federal government and national security imperatives, DC-NET is a vital cog in the region’s ability to respond effectively in the event of terrorism threats and natural disasters.

The DCI Contract -- DCI was the principal OCTO firm providing Network Installation Services throughout the DC Government for cable infrastructure of the new DC-NET network. Over a six-year period, DCI:

  • Installed 28,000 voice and data stations,
  • Installed 2.5 million feet of fiber optic and copper cable, and
  • Serviced 332 buildings housing 40,000 employees.

DCI provided telecommunications infrastructure and equipment support services (Avaya s8700); fiber optic and copper cable installation, maintenance, and repairs; and inventory and cutover services for the voice and data cabling infrastructure.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS administers the government’s programs of social services and financial assistance to low-income residents.

The DCI Contract: As subcontractor to IBM Federal Systems, DCI provided an integrated hardware and software environment – with and IBM ES/9000 platform -- for the DHS Automated Client Eligibility Determination System (ACEDS). This improved the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of DHS management of food stamps, medical assistance, Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), and general public and emergency assistance. DCI became the Prime Contractor after the initial 5 year contract.

Other DC Government Projects

fems.jpgDCI provided services to the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department as part of FEMS Network Cabling Infrastructure Upgrade Project; provided telecommunication technicians to support the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Metropolitan Police Department voice and data network; provided the Department of Employment Services with dedicated technicians for telephone system maintenance; and installed voice and data outlets and fiber and cable installation for the Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications.

Testimonials and Awards

“Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s work world. The Office of the Chief Technology Officer and Dynamic Concepts, Inc. are indeed fortunate to have dedicated Telecommunications Specialists as …… ….projects involving office in the Executive Office of the Mayor, City Administrator, Deputy Mayor’s……. Projects …..assigned without prior notice or opportunity to properly plan. In each case, they have stepped up to the plate with all of the necessary resources at their disposal and a great deal of initiative, knowledge, and professionalism. No task has proven to be too small or too big for them…”

Government of the District of Columbia

Debra Davis
Executive Office of the Mayor

“I wanted to take an opportunity to thank ……….. and your DCI crew for the great job you did at the Wilson building (Washington DC’s City Hall). It's wonderful when we can call a vendor, spur of the moment, and everyone jump in to make something happen. That's exactly what took place. OCTO was informed that we needed to coordinate a project for the Mayor immediately. He was doing a live broadcast via video teleconferencing to South Africa. This had to happen within 3 days. Thanks to your competent employees it was a success. It is truly a pleasure to work with a group of people who get the job done. We look forward to working with you again.”

District of Columbia Government

Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)
Sherri Eley, Project Manager