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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority manages and operates Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport which together serve 42 million passengers on more than 600,000 arriving and departing flights every year.

Project Overview

dulles-va.jpgDynamic Concepts Inc. (DCI), as a subcontractor to the Harris Corporation, provided all necessary personnel, equipment and materials to operate, maintain, install and repair all telephone systems at the Dulles International and Reagan National Airports.

DCI also won the Airports Authority contract to expand the 800 MHz Simulcast Trunked Radio System (SRS) in-building antenna systems to the new National Air & Space Museum Stephen F. Uzar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport.

DCI Products and Services Used

Telephone System – DCI maintained a Northern Telecom, Orbitel Cost Accounting Database, and Sonet Data & Network equipment and provided the following services:

  • Operation and maintenance of switching system and equipment, customer premise, auxiliary, ancillary equipment and electromechanical and electronic instruments,
  • Maintained the database and up-to-date records,
  • Performed all system moves, adds, and changes,
  • Maintained the power supply,
  • Developed and conducted preventive maintenance inspections, and
  • Assured top-level Quality Control and Assurance.

Simulcast Trunked Radio System – For the Museum Center at Dulles International Airport, the Airports Authority chose DCI to provide a turnkey system design and installation. Specifications included a coverage area of 95%, and solution of potential interference issues from other systems. DCI services included project management and:

  • Installing the in-building antenna systems,
  • Designed and installed telephone connectivity for the simulcast trunked system within and between National and Dulles Airports.
  • DCI served as the SRS maintenance contractor for both airport properties.