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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) builds, finances, and operates the Metrobus and Metrorail transportation system serving the Washington, DC, region. Metrorail and Metrobus serve a population of 3.4 million within a 1,500-square mile jurisdiction.

Project Overview

wmataos2.jpg wmataos1.jpg Dynamic Concepts Inc. (DCI) provides a broad range of technical services supporting WMATA’s engineering activities, infrastructure design, facilities upgrades, and customer assistance efforts to WMATA’s facilities throughout the metropolitan area, inclusive of its headquarters location, all operational buildings, bus garages, Metro supply center, train stations and rail yards.

For an expansion of WMATA’s new data network and telephony system, DCI’s tasks include supporting multi-point layer tunneling infrastructure, supporting the design and installation of wireless access points at various WMATA facilities, and upgrading the voice telephony system.

DCI Products and Services Used

  • Cabling-Infrastructure Installation Services

    DCI provides installation, configuration and migration support services to WMATA as part of its migration to an AVAYA VoIP telephony system. DCI is installing and configuring Avaya communication servers and gateways at locations throughout WMATA’s service area in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • Technical Support Services

    DCI provides and performs voice and data engineering, develops project life-cycle cost estimates, develops and manages project plans and schedules, and provides voice and data support and implementation services, to include:

    • Engineering and deployment support for the integration of WMATA technologies into the Metro-Net Communications System. DCI is responsible for securing deployment and full integration of new and existing communications systems in its newly-installed Power Over Ethernet, MPLS data network.
    • Designing, planning and project management for the integration of the mission-critical emergency telephone system into WMATA’s IP telephone system, and designing, planning and managing WMATA’s E911 system.
    • Advising WMATA on the roll-out and deployment of the Avaya telephone system. WMATA’s system runs on an Avaya S8730, 8500 and 8300 network platform and is in the approximate 10,000 port range.
    • Assisting WMATA staff in preparing a communications plan for the extension of its rail system to Dulles, VA.
    • Providing subject-matter experts and consulting services to support WMATA’s Infrastructure Design and Network Communications Group, help desk and other functions.

    DCI assisted WMATA in developing a Network Transition Plan that when implemented, enables aging T1 terminating equipment to evolve to a higher bandwidth Ethernet-based interface with approximately 60% fewer labor hours and resources. This plan increases future Return on Investment (ROI) by replacing wired connections with two geo-redundant Ethernet connections and separating voice and data horizontal cabling which also reduces cable maintenance costs.

  • WMATA/Potomac Credit Card Fiber Installation Project

    WMATA turned to DCI to find a way to connect the parking facilities at 40 Metrorail stations to their main server. Working with Potomac Construction, DCI designed a solution using hybrid fiber, minimal splicing, fewer points of potential failure, and phased implementation.

    The DCI solution resulted in more efficient use of limited ducts, future-proofing the infrastructure cabling, and significant cost savings for current and future maintenance.

Testimonials & Awards

  • DCI has received “Outstanding” contract approval ratings, as evidenced by the latest “Open Ratings” 95% out of 100%.
  • DCI has achieved a perfect safety record – zero insurance losses, zero accidents, and zero man-days lost due to accidents – during its WMATA work.